Sarah Swindale

Best Seller

Meet the author, Sarah

Meet the creative genius behind Scorned and the world’s most imaginative campaigns. Hailing from the vibrant landscapes of NSW, Sarah is a born-and-raised Aussie with an insatiable passion for storytelling. After pursuing a degree in Creative Writing from RMIT in Melbourne, her imagination soared to new heights. With a pen in hand and boundless creativity in their soul, Sarah brings a unique perspective to the story telling world. When not weaving words, you can find her exploring the depths of her dreams, where aliens and all sorts of wonderfully weird phenomena come to life. She’s also got two furry companions, Harley the conure and Lyra the German Shepherd.


International Best Seller

Scorned has been awarded an international best seller for 2024

New York Times Best Seller

Scorned has won the pretigous New York Times Best Seller award in 2024

Over 2 million copies sold

Speaks for it self, over 2 million copies sold worldwide of Scorned.

How it started

Ever since a child, Sarah had creativity. Whether it’s building stuff, embroidery, or storytelling. Her imagination always had to be a part of it. During her early twenties, she always knew she was going to write a book and created a map of the world (for her book). Many versions later, she took things seriously and decided to go all in. Creating and dreaming about every single city, clan, religion, and characteristic of her world. 

I'm not done yet. There's more to come!